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Its been a while since my last deviation or journal, but Ive been a busy boy. Working long hours at my job, plus moving, and then unpacking / getting the new place in order. But now that we're getting more settled in, I'm hoping to have more time to play. We'll see.....
I went to see my bass player John tonight at a local club playing in two different bands back to back. What a trooper! None the less I took my camera along and got to have fun and blow off some steam from a long week at work. It seems I may have made a connection with a local music magazine in need of a photographer, which sounds like a great time. As I've mentioned in earlier entries I am a jack of all trades, and any time I get to further any of my creative outlets I'm a happy guy. None the less I got some great shots. I mainly used a super fast 40 some odd year old 55mm Nikon lense @ 1:1.2 with a hotshoe mounted bounce flash on my D70. I was very happy with results even though the ceiling I was bouncing off of was a good 15 feet high and painted a dark color. Having that light soaking wide open aperature took it in just fine, while still catching the ambient light even at at shutter speeds between 1/50 and 1/80. Since the lense was on my digital, that 55mm also turned into a nice 82mm due to the 1 to 1.5 ratio difference between the digital sensor and 35mm film. All that pretty much means that there was less optical distortion (such as with a wide angle or the extreme) and made for some good portrait type shots. I do love that old lense, but the main drawback with using it on my D70 is that it's hard to tell when you have what you want in sharp focus, compounded by the super shallow depth of field when the lense is wide open, since the D70 lacks a visual focusing aid. I've been looking for a good AF replacement on Ebay and will probably pick up a Nikkkon/ Nikkor 50mm 1:1.4, which should perform almost identical to the old 55mm, except with the Auto Focus, I won't have to shoot a series of focus bracketed shots to make sure I get the focus in the shallow depth of field I'm going for.
I've always been an artist, scribbling and molding things into what vision sits in my head at any given time. It's served me well as a release of creativity and stress, and has even proven lucrative. But with money comes bullshit, as I'm learning now that I am a full time graphic designer. Day after day I feel like a tube of toothpaste, with my creativity being forcefully squeezed from my head by a hand with a death like grip. Constantly in a time crunch to put out high volumes of what I feel to be very sub-par and often totally shitty art for the sake of the bottom line. I will admit though that I am able to work at a faster pace now than I was just a year ago, but sometimes greatness just can't be rushed. It amazes me that in an industry that is driven by creative and talented people, that most often they sit near the bottom rung of the corporate ladder, making others rich for their dedication to the arts. There are always of course exceptions and those awe inspiring success stories, but even in them you can usually find an artistically inept person with a cushy chair and fat pockets at the top. I suppose to some people business itself is an art, but I see it more as a necessary evil. Damned Money, killing culture, art, and music worldwide for centuries. However if you can swing a stick at a ball (APE TECHNOLOGY) you can potentially make millions a year. This is one of the many reasons why humans aren't worth the flesh they're printed on.
I've always been a curious person. I love to tinker and experiment with pretty much everything. This personality quirk I think has heavily contributed to me being a "Jack of All Trades". At first glance it seems great to be able to do so many different things, to be able to say that I'm self taught in all my creative outlets even though I do have a degree in Graphic Design and carry the associated title at my job. I paint, airbrush, sketch, tattoo, do photography, digital art, I play guitar, bass, drums, basic keyboards, sing, write, record, and produce my own music, I also build things, engrave and etch, along with web design and a bunch of other crap. Sounds awsome huh? Think again! I mentioned being a Jack of All Trades, but like that saying goes, I find myself being a Master of None. There just aren't enough hours in a day, days in a week, or weeks in a month for me to actually perfect any of my various skills. It causes me to go through cycles where I spend a small amount of time messing with one particular medium only to get side tracked into something else that I feel I'm neglecting. Compound this with a full time job and a wife that likes to spend time with me, and the hours just seem to fly by. I can literally sit for hours just trying to figure out what I need and want to do. It's like being in a whirlwind, trying to touch things you love as you whiz past them. I know that if I were to devote my time to just one of any of the things I do, I could probably achieve some level of greatness at it (even if it is just in my own little world). the problem with that is I'm not sure I am willing to give up everything else. It would be like having several children and having to give all odf them away but one. How do you choose? At least in my situation I can consider the lucrative prospects and business oportunities. I think of all this and realize I haven't airbrushed anything since I painted two of my guitars a year and a half ago. Perhaps because that medium is so time consuming just in set up and clean up.
I'll just stay in my whirlwind though, and hope for greatness some other day, or maybe just a winning lottery ticket :P
Well, I have been hangin around DA for just over a week, and I've been trying to upload some of my stuff to give visitors a glimpse into the world as I see it. I think now I can feel better about diving into the community and leaving my remarks on some of the fantastic visual delights up for occulation, knowing that those people will be able to see my art and maybe have a better understanding of the comments I have made. Of course, with any society, I'll need to be mindful of ediquette until my presence here has grown both in deviation and time. Should you be reading this and have any insight, feel free to explain the way things work, because thats always easier than figuring it out on my own.